So Which is The Best Laptops?

My top pick goes to Samsung Chromebook.

The new Samsung Chromebook is now the latest trend in the Samsung products today. It has the best and latest features that everyone will surely love. With this new item, you can now make your task easier and faster. It starts in just a few seconds and it also has a built-in virus protection that will help your unit from any kind of virus.

The Samsung Chromebook can also run over thousands of your favorite Google apps. This Chromebook has gone through a lot of process before it was released in the market to make sure that it will work fine and to give everyone a good performance.

Who Can Buy/Benefit From This Product

Compared to other net books in the market today, this Samsung Chromebook has all the important features that you need. It comes with the leading products of Google such as Gmail, Search, Hangouts, YouTube and many more, so you can play, work and do whatever you feel like doing at the comforts of your home. This Chromebook is really made for everyone, especially for those who are working and needs some papers and researching done at home.

It is good to know that you have something that you can rely to do your job anytime and anywhere you go. The Samsung Chromebook is the perfect choice for anyone who is planning to buy their own laptop. This will surely suit all your needs even if it is for school work, office work, or just some playtime at home. This Chromebook by Samsung can also let you share it with other people, the switching account only takes a few seconds and everyone can now get their own files, settings and apps.

This is also easy to use. There is no set up and your files will automatically back up in your cloud. It is only 2.4 pounds 0.7 inches thin with over 6.5 hours batter life. With all these features you can have all the comfort, convenient and satisfaction that you need. You can definitely take the Samsung Chromebook anywhere you want to go. It is also built to stay cool so you don’t need a fan and it can also run silently. This also includes a 100GB Google drive storage with a built-in web cam and dual Wi-Fi band that makes it easier to connect in wireless networks.

Product Features


  • It has an 11 inch LCD display
  • Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core Processor
  • It also has a 16 GB Solid State Drive 2 GB DDR3L RAM
  • It includes 2 USB Ports and HDMI Port
  • It also includes a Built in Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • It has over 100 GB Google Drive Storage
  • It is only 2.4 pounds 0.7 inches thin with over 6.5 hours batter life

Everything that you will find in this new Samsung Chromebook is really good and amazing. You will surely love the features and how this product can give you the convenience that you need. With all the amazing features that you can have in this product, you will surely find it very convenient to use. There is no other laptop that can give you these benefits other than the Samsung Chromebbook. Since it can last for almost 6.5 hours, you can do more in this net laptop even without charging your laptop. Another important thing that you will find amazing in this product is that it is very portable because of its thin and lightweight features. You can take it anywhere you go without so much hassle.

Everything is nice in this product however the only problem that some people cannot afford this product is the price. Since it is new it a bit costly compared to other laptops in the market today. But if you will take a look at the features you will realize that this Samsung Chromebook is worthy of its price.

All in all, this Samsung Chromebook is nothing more that you can compare to the features of this product. This is one of the best portable computers that you will find in the market now. There is nothing more you can ask for in this product because it has all the features that you need. It has a big storage capacity, fast access, wide coverage, and portable design. The Samsung Chromebook is the best portable computer available in the market today.