Things To Consider When Buying a Motherboard

It is relatively easy to build a computer with the advanced technology today. The motherboard is the most critical aspect to consider if you want to build the best computer to fit your needs. All the components in a computer system are connected to the motherboard, so you need to know about it. Whether you are replacing a motherboard or getting a new one to build your own system, you should know what to look for as well as how they will affect the computer’s performance. This article has some information to help you choose the best motherboard when building a computer.

When buying a motherboard, you must fully understand what you need, why you need it and the way how the selected components can affect the computer’s operation.

You will find some tips below to select the best type, but first, here are some of the most popular ones on Amazon today.  

  1. ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 6 GB AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 3.0 USB ATX Motherboard
  2. MSI Socket AMD/FM2 A85/SATA3/DDR3 &USB3 Motherboard
  3. ASRock MB-970EX4 AM3+/ AMD Socket, 970/ AMD Quad CrossFireX and nVidia SLI/ USB.0/SATA3/ATX/AGbE Motherboard
  4. Gigabyte DDR3 1333 AM3+ AMD 760G HDMI Micro ATX USB 3.0 GA-78LMT Motherboard
  5. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 990FX SATA AM3+ AMD 6GB ATX AMD USB 3.0 Motherboard

Things to know when buying a motherboard

First, think about the type of CPU that you are using. The motherboard must support the CPU that you choose. The new processors now have pins attached to the socket and not the CPU to make the set up process easier. The CPU and the socket type must match the motherboard. Your CPU needs a socket in order to communicate with the components of the motherboard through the chipset.

When determining the chipset to purchase and use, the CPU will influence the decision greatly. A fast chipset enables efficient power management and data transfers. The chipset has control of all the communications between the CPU, memory, and local bus. In this case, the bus is really a circuit that transmits data transmitted and it’s connected to a part of the motherboard. The size of the bus circuit is important because the dimension or width will determine the amount data that is transmitted. The bus speed that is measured in MHz should be considered when choosing a motherboard.  A fast bus speed will allow faster data transfer and running applications.

The memory should also be considered when choosing a motherboard. A 2G Ram will be enough if you are not a gamer or working with a lot of videos or graphics. Most motherboards have at least two slots for memory slots, but the majority comes with four. You can get a motherboard with four slots to ensure that you have sufficient expandable memory space.

Lastly, the peripherals such as the keyboard, printer, mouse, flash drive, digital camera and external drive are other things to consider when you are looking for the best motherboard to build a computer.